Anxiety and depression in the ambush of Instagram users

According to the IRNA scientific news group on Tuesday from the Guardian news site, Instagram is the most seemingly friendly social network in which the main way of communication is to touch images twice to express interest. In this network, posts are spread not because of anger, but because of positive aspects, such as viruses, but for some users and, of course, mental health professionals, this feature of being positive has become a problem. The network encourages its users to display images that are misleading at best and harmful at worst. In fact, this network makes every user think that the life of all users of this network, except himself, is complete and excellent. In 2017, a mental health charity called the Royal Society for Public Health in the UK conducted a survey of users aged 14 to 24 on 5 social networks Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Snapshot and Instagram, asking them how to make an impact. These social networks cover various aspects of life, from sleeping at night to expressing the fear of losing opportunities that others enjoy.

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