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Program features

Some features of Falumito

Get coins and diamonds

Receive coins by following others and liking and commenting on users' posts

Account management

Ability to manage and move between multiple Instagram accounts simultaneously

Download posts from Instagram

Ability to download Instagram posts through the post link in the program

Convert coins and diamonds to each other

Depending on the need for orders, you can convert your diamonds and coins into each other.

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. analyze

Statistics and account analysis

Statistical charts display the exact information of the account, and with this feature, you can see the daily increase in the number of Instagram followers and the increase in Instagram likes in the statistical charts.

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. Order

Order for other accounts

It is possible to register an order and transfer coins to other accounts without the need for that account password in Fallowmito, and you can earn money through it. 

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• Follow, Like, Comment Changer (Follow or Like or Comment is done using your accounts)


• Mixer: Follow, Like, Comment as a mix and random (to not limit the account)

Gift coins

• Receive gift coins daily upon arrival

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Auto follow

Follow, like, comment automatically (the app works automatically)

High speed in registering orders

• Register the order instantly


• Online in-app tips and support

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. Learning

How it works

Career information is displayed to you, and if you like, you can earn coins by following them, and using the same coins, you can also display your profile and request a follower. And in the meantime, this program is free, so download and like it.

. Security


Fallowmito does not have access to any of your information and all your information is protected by Instagram. This app only uses the Instagram API to log in.

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You can download Fallowmito directly from Bazaar Cafe and Miket.

Get 100 free coins

دریافت ایمیل

دریافت ایمیل در صفحه انگلیسی فالومیتو
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Fallowmito is a program that allows you to increase the number of followers, likes and comments on your account, so if you are looking for more popularity and visibility, this program is what you need.

All rights of this software belong to Gramito.