Providing services related to social networks (Instagram, Telegram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Tik Tok, LinkedIn, Radiojovan, Twitch, Pinterest)

The possibility of a discount of up to 50%

Create your sales site like Gramito

Dedicated API

Dedicated Portal

Processing Orders Automatically


Providing API and necessary documents to connect your site or programs to Gramito

Connection with POST method and JSON output

Add and Processing Orders Automatically

Receive orders reports

Get list of services

Synchronization of Services Automatically

Lunching Web Site

Choose your requested agency plan and template through the agency category section (order registration) and launch the sales site.

The website will be launched on your own host and domain.

It is possible to change the prices, names and categories of products, images and texts as you wish.

Full information can be seen in the service description section.

Lunching Web Site

Dedicated Payment Gateway

Deposit to your personal bank

All you have to do is always charge your wallet in Gramito from the (Add Funds) section, after that add order from your user on your personal site will be automatically sent to Gramito and its cost will be deducted from your wallet.

Processing Orders Automatically

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